The Zawia: Coming Home

A visitor’s account of their stay at Zawia Ebrahim It seemed unlikely that I would make the trip to South Africa from Europe. In the end, God had to show me strong, undeniable signs that it was time to go. The rich meanings I learnt there, as it turns out, […]

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“I am My slave’s opinion of Me”

Shaykh Ebrahim Discourse delivered 19/8/17.  Audio is available at the bottom of the page. Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala promises us that He is His slave’s opinion of Him. That very simple phrase carries with it an almost terrifying responsibility and accountability. We know that wherever you turn in the Face […]

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This Dhikr is for the Breaking of Hearts

Discourse delivered by Shaykh Ebrahim, 15/9/18.  Audio available at the bottom of the page. Tonight was indeed a very special night. Tonight we did the Dhikr. You did it with commitment, you did not hold back, you did it in the spirit of emptying yourself of yourself. That’s how one […]

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The Kufr in Your Heart

If you truly believed that there is a designing genius, then nothing that can happen to you is outside of the plan. And that you’re always in safe hands. So it is useful to understand just how dangerous how the atheists are. But its also useful to understand, how helpful they are. They objectify for you your own kufr, your own faithlessness.

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Enter The Silence: Shaykh Ebrahim Interview by Mspiration

Shaykh Ebrahim speaks to Saeed Saeed, an Australian writer and journalist currently residing in Abu Dhabi about the importance of silencing our inner dialogue and of doing “inner work.” MSpiration is an online series of interviews with inspiring Muslims from all walks of life.

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